June 14 - The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing - Wednesday, June 14th, 2017


About the Speaker:

David Christopher is the Director of Marketing and Growth at, a Pinterest and Instagram scheduling and analytics tool with over 100,000 members headquartered in Oklahoma City. He is a father of three, an early-morning fiction writer, one of 347 English men living in Edmond, OK (he just made that up), and an eternal optimist (true). He blogs about Pinterest and Instagram marketing at


Instagram recently hit 700 million active monthly users with 77 million of them in the U.S. By 2017 it’s anticipated that 70% of brands will be on Instagram (that’s a lot of sevens).

When they look at all those sevens, marketers figure that they should probably be on Instagram, but they don’t know if the investment will pay off. If they jump in, they often struggle to know what to post, what to measure, and how to grow.

This guide to Instagram marketing will help you decide if Instagram is a fit for your brand. If it is, great. If it isn’t then you have my permission to leave after the first five minutes because we’ll be getting stuck right into helping you use Instagram to drive real marketing results.

What this meeting will cover:

- Setting an Instagram marketing strategy
- Defining an editorial calendar
- What to post
- Maintaining brand consistency
- How often to post
- How to grow followers
- How to get likes
- How to get comments
- How to drive traffic
- How to use Instagram Stories
- What to do with Instagram Live
- Improving performance with analytics
- Evaluating your impact


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